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Hey You energy cubes are the happy little chunks of healthiness that Philippa Hatch and Sarah Woodward of Hey You Foods have lovingly brought to life.

Philippa is a nutritionist and mum, who was frustrated with the lack of a truly healthy snack on the market for children. Invigorated by a trip to Australia, she took inspiration from the outdoorsy nature and focus on fresh, natural ingredients that was abundant there. On her return Philippa and her friend Sarah, a fellow mum and creative baker with a passion for flavour got to work on developing something completely new…


The most important thing in their minds was making a snack that tastes great to children. It had to be yummy, otherwise the kids wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. Or a cricket bat, or lightsaber, because who actually uses a bargepole now anyway? It had to be full of goodness with no added sugar or unpronounceable additives. It needed to provide a balance of nutrients that would be absorbed slowly into the body to supply energy for busy kids. And to make them different, and appealing to children, how about cubes?

An idea was born and a wonderful journey began. Brainstorming sessions at home in Buckinghamshire, invention tests, experimenting with flavours, a few mistakes, a lot of laughs. A name. A brand, 3 flavours and they were off....

You can buy our cubes from the online shop but we will be adding stockists too, so watch this space..

The next chapter is already forging itself. Please contact us if you would like to share your thoughts or ideas in our quest for tasty snack food and happy, healthy children.