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What are energy cubes?

Hey You energy cubes are a healthy snack cleverly designed as a treat. They are high in fibre, contain protein, good sensible fats and natural sweetness. A winning combo of goodness to help fuel active kids (and anyone else who fancies them!) until mealtimes.


Is there added sugar?

Most of the sweetness comes from us (!) well okay the dried fruit, but we have added a touch of honey. The combination of ingredients that also provide fibre, some fat and protein mean it doesn’t have the same nasty effects on the body as biscuits and sweets do. Teamwork makes the dream work baby.


Will your fussy eater like them?

Yes! We’ve tried and tested them on the fussiest eaters in Bucks. Double thumbs up. All we can say is give them a go….


Do they contain nuts?

Chocolate Orange and Fruit ‘N’ Oat flavours don’t contain nuts but Peanutty Chocolate flavour does. However, all are made in a nutty environment, so are not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.


Are they veggie / vegan friendly?

All our cubes are suitable for vegetarians. But they do contain honey, so are not for strict vegans.


Where can you buy them?

We are a brand new product, so at the moment, we’re exclusively available online from this very website.  We will be adding stockists as we get them, so you can watch our progress here (until we take over the world).


Is it under 100 calories?

No. A portion is 121-140 calories, depending on the flavour. That doesn't mean it's not healthy because it's the right balance of nutrients for active growing kids. Our cubes contain fat, which kids burn off as a source of energy but fat contains more calories (as well as essential vitamins). Fear not.